CerealLand Rules  

The following are our community rules:
One player with one account.
  • Do not use alt accounts.

  • Use of alt accounts and cheating will result in a immediate ban.

  • Do not allow other people to access your account on the server. You are responsible for any actions done on your account.

No griefing in any world.
  • If you did not place it, do not break it or add to it without permission.

  • Do not mine, chop or destroy and/or damage the environment of the main world except for building purposes. To mine or gather resources, go to resource worlds. See /warps

  • Do not build in resource worlds as they reset often without notice. 

  • Chests or containers that have auto unlocked due to 30 days of player inactivity can be raided however you may not destroy or break blocks to gain access. You may not steal items (heads, item frame items) or grief items from player or server builds in any situation.

  • Do not build or destroy within 10 chunks (160 blocks) of another player’s build without permission.

Play fair.
  • Do not X-ray or use any hacks/unapproved mods/scripts/autoclick/exploits or cheat clients. See the list below for approved mods. If you would like to use a mod/script/macro that is not on the list, contact a staff member so it can be reviewed. If you are caught using cheats like X-ray or a cheat client, it will be an immediate permaban.

  • Honor verbal agreements with other players, as long as the agreement does not violate other stated server rules.

  • Return items dropped (via mob death, mob drops, or accidents) to the original owners unless both parties agree otherwise.

  • Do not scam in trades, auctions, or other transactions. Do not attempt to scam via start price, bid interval, renamed/fake item, etc. No player led casinos or gaming for in-game or real money. 

  • Do not exploit glitches. Report them privately to staff asap.

  • No AFK machines. Don't try to bypass AFK timer.

  • No TP killing, trap killing, kill stealing, or killing outside of known PVP areas without prior warning. PVP Arena is free-for-all.

  • Do not attempt to teleport or otherwise put a player into a PVP area or imminent death situation without their knowledge and consent.

Be respectful of one another.
  • Do not harass or abuse other players.

  • Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards someone’s race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.

  • Do not direct abusive or offensive language toward other players.

  • Do not share inappropriate, sexual or offensive content on any media channel. (including skins, in-game structures, player names)

  • Do not discuss politics or other socially inflammatory topics in chat.

  • Do not dox (reveal or share private/personal information about others).

  • Do not use redstone machines that have a negative impact on the multiplayer experience and TPS. If staff asks you to remove a machine or stop using a redstone device, please comply or it will be removed by staff. Any exploit machines will be removed. No zero tick machines.

  • Do not impersonate players/staff.

  • If you are found to have a negative impact on the community, we can remove you at our discretion.

Use chat appropriately.
  • Do not use chat to advertise other servers.

  • Do not spam chat with repeating topics or characters. (Wait 10 minutes between ads of the same nature in any trade, shop or recruiting related chat)

  • Do not use excessive caps.

  • Do not swear, use offensive language or attempt to bypass the auto chat filter in any chat channel.

  • No inappropriate, offensive or suggestive usernames, nicknames, or item names.

  • Use English in general chat.

  • Players may not use server-controlled communication channels to offer exchanges involving money, goods, and services outside the server.

  • Do not share your own private information or any social account information in any communication channels.

Listen to staff.
  • In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgement.

  • Do not discuss, debate or argue about warnings, bans, mutes or other staff interventions in server chat or in server messages. Direct message @ModMail user on Discord or use forums to appeal.

Approved Mods and/or modifications:
  • Only Optifine / Shaders

  • Resource packs (except those that give unfair advantage, like X-ray)

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 
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