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Summer of Cereal Support


The Summer of Cereal Support is a fun multi-week fundraising event to create awareness, grow community and most importantly to motivate us to help some important organizations and causes.

WHY? We all love Minecraft and gaming and the way it brings us together as a community to create amazing things. We know that if we all pull together, we can do amazing and inspiring things to make a big difference in the real world and in our local communities.

WHAT? There will be special chat badges that can be purchased in the CerealLand store during the entire 5-week event to show your support for each of the chosen charities. All proceeds from these special giving event badges will go entirely to the charities, foundations and causes. Any proceeds from ranks and boosts that are purchased on each Saturday will also go to the chosen charities. We will be planning some in-game rewards, giveaways, competitions, and more! Expect lots of fun, laughs, and Minecraft blocks. Here’s some examples of the special charity chat tags that will be available starting Saturday:

WHEN? Each Saturday EST for the next 5 weeks starting with June 13, 2020. Specific event times TBD. We will post schedules as plans finalize.

WHO? Here’s where you come in. We need you to vote with reactions on your favorite charity within each category. The proceeds for any fundraising each week will go to the charity with the most votes in each category.

VOTE ON DISCORD: Please vote in each of the 5 categories listed in the #announcements channel of our Discord server. All votes must be completed by 6 p.m. EST, Friday of each week. The top charity will be chosen within each category at that time and any proceeds will be donated to the top charities at the end of the five weeks.

Build by Druid_Seeker

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