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Ready, set, go

I just wanted to say welcome if you are new to CerealLand. We are primarily a #Minecraft gaming community.

Yes, we love all types of games and have hosted Terraria in the past which we still love but we are currently in beta with our flagship server which is a Towny, Jobs, McMMO, survival Minecraft server with some cool RPG features added in like 12 different races you can choose.

There's also pets which can take different roles and skills. And we have some twists to the normal furnace, hopper and spawners. They are all upgradable with in-game money!

I've still got some work to do like finishing the build out of the player ChestShop world which is crucial to the economy. I do appreciate your patience while I get this done.

Well, we are just getting started and will soon be out of beta but we hope you can join our new community today. See you on the server!

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