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Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

In a strange twist of fate that can only happen in 2020 we learned that Kellogg's is releasing a real Minecraft-themed cereal, Minecraft Creeper Crunch.

CerealLand, a Minecraft server network, has long known that Minecraft and cereal are a good pairing. Just check out our store and the prophetic Creeper Crunch original art from KidNinja11 associated with the MVP+ rank.

It's a "cinnamon-flavored cereal" that features "green square-shaped Creeper bit marshmallows." We will have to see if the flavors explode in your mouth like our green hissing friends. It also appears that there will be codes to unlock in-game items that can only be found in the boxes.

Kellogg's Creeper Crunch will be in stores this August. An 8 oz box will retail for $3.99 and a 12.7 oz box will retail for $5.69.

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